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Need an event videotaped? Tell us where, when and what the event is and we will furnish you with either a rough video or fully edited product on DVD. Indoor or outdoor events of almost any type can be affordably videotaped, from business meetings, social events, sporting matches, or family gatherings.

We use professional video cameras and equipment from Ampex, Sony, Tascam and others in the recording and editing along with state of the art or vintage microphone equipment, carefully selected to maximize the sound of the subject recorded.

EASTON AUDIO can also furnish video on BetaSP format, which is broadcast ready and meets current SD industry standards.

If you have any questions or are in need of a rush order we are here to help! Call us at (610) 252-7203 and we'll take the time to go over your videotaping needs, discuss your options and produce a finished product that fulfills your objectives.


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