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Need an event recorded? We've got you covered! Tell us where, when and what the event is (live speaker such as lecture, poetry reading, business presentation; musical groups from orchestras, choirs, chamber groups, soloists, jazz groups or rock band; or just about anything else) and we will do the rest, furnishing you with either a rough audio or fully edited product on CD, cassette, .wav or .mov audio file. We use professional audio equipment in the recording, editing and mixing along with state of the art or vintage microphone equipment, carefully selected to maximize the sound of the subject recorded.

What you get is a great ear in the business. George Shields is a master at microphone technique and placement. Whether in a concert or recording session, people who hear the CD will feel as though they are right there in the performance space with you.

Easton Audio employs some of the best microphones money can buy: Neumann, RCA, M-Audio, AKG, to name a few. These work in tandem with what are arguably some of the best recorders and mixers on the market, from Studer, Ampex, Crown, Korg, Mackie, and Tascam.


Analog audio utilizes electrical voltage induced waveforms to reproduce recorded sound. Analog technology allows the potential of unlimited voltage iterations (or variables) to achieve better accuracy.

The digital equivalent to voltage iterations is bit rate, which has its limitations. Today’s digital bit rate standard is 24-bit sampling. Imagine 24 bits drawing a wave form (or smiley face). That creates a pretty jagged, harsh sounding wave (or smiley face)!

Obviously digital 24 bits is not as variable (or flexible) as the infinite variations of an analog waveform, and the resolution does not appear to equal the smoothness the best analog recording equipment is capable of. The result is a warmer, more natural and true to form sound which is capable of a lower bottom end (the "thump" of bass), which also contributes to the warmth of the listening experience.

Digital mastering has it's purpose as well - especially when you're in a real hurry, and Easton Audio can accommodate you with state of the art 24 bit, 96K resolution for on location demo CD's, concert or gig recordings. In certain cases, master CD's can be furnished in as little as 24 - 48 hours!

We are here to help! Call us at (610) 252-7203 and we'll take the time to go over your recording needs, discuss technologies and options and produce a finished product that fulfills your objectives.


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