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The Lehigh Valley is rich in talent, performing venues and most of all – personal history. What has been lacking is an affordable resource to capture, preserve and present that talent in professional audio recordings and video.

EASTON AUDIO is that resource!

If you are a classical musician or group, folk or jazz artist, rock band or anything in between, have a live performance or a venue location and would like to professionally record, EASTON AUDIO is the affordable answer. Instead of paying thousands for a few brief hours of studio time, record at your performance venue either with or without a live audience, for a small fraction of the cost, while capturing the unique acoustic properties which only that venue can provide.

EASTON AUDIO can also videotape your event or performance, using broadcast standard cameras and recorders, incorporating full fidelity stereo audio tracks. This is especially useful when capturing a public performance or event for future broadcast or commercial dissemination.

EASTON AUDIO is also your resource for recording business meetings and presentations, dinners, functions and special corporate events.

Record and capture your family reunion, special party or event for posterity, and furnish a final product on DVD or CD that will safely withstand the ravages of time. Capture interviews with family members to have for future years and incorporate them into your event video!

Do you have old home videos recorded on VHS or Betamax videocassettes? Did you know that videotape deteriorates over time, taking your family memories with them? Do you have old 8mm or super-8mm home movies you would like to watch on your TV? EASTON AUDIO can transfer all of them to safe, durable DVD that will withstand the test of time and give years of viewing pleasure!

Do you have old LP’s, 45’s or 78’s you’d like to be able to listen to again? How about audiocassettes or even reel-to-reel audiotape? EASTON AUDIO will transfer them to CD’s using state of the art equipment to restore the original fidelity of the recordings, removing skips, scratches, clicks, pops and thuds, while in many cases restoring the original audio fidelity lost through years of constant playing and wear.

George Shields, President and Chief Engineer of Easton Audio has been involved in the audio business for more than thirty five years, and is a master at microphone placement, recording techniques and post-production. That’s experience you want when capturing an event or preserving a memory!

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